Humble Beginnings of Heart in Box

October 11, 2015

Humble Beginnings of Heart in Box




Welcome to the inaugural post of Heart in Box -  an idea turned reality. This idea started off with mamas in mind because we have first hand experience of how tough it can be being a mama. The anxiety that comes with hearing a cry. The frustration that comes with the child feeding or not feeding, sleeping or not sleeping, pooping or not pooping. The guilt of being a stay-home mum, or a working mum. The dilemma of following your heart/gut or taking the advice from well-meaners in raising your child. The need to project an image of being composed while paddling underneath frantically. 

Here at Heart in Box, we truly believe in appreciating, encouraging and fist-bumping a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter who is a mama in the everyday, through words (because words are powerful) and gifts. Very often, it is in the everyday grind when a mama needs to know/hear that 'they've got this' from the people around them. 

We hope that our themed HeartBoxes will uplift the mamas who receive them, and make them feel loved. If you have received a HeartBox, do leave us a note (or a photo) on our social media sites (Facebook or Instagram) to let us know how our HeartBoxes made you feel, using #HeartBox or #HeartinBox. Don't forget to pass on that love to someone else through our gold foil notecard that is included in every HeartBox.

Follow us at @Heartinbox on Instagram or Facebook for more updates on new themed HeartBoxes. We promise only good stuff, because mamas deserve the best. 


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