4 edible gifts that will sweeten a mama's day

November 23, 2015

4 edible gifts that will sweeten a mama's day

4 edible gifts for mums any day, any occasion | Heart in Box

The holiday season is coming soon, and there will most certainly be a lot of gift exchanges. Here are 4 edible gifts that will most certainly put busy mums on a sugar high, and adrenaline rush (we are not counting the calories though) to go through their busy day, any occasion or for no occasion at all. 


1. Bahen & Co chocolate Stone ground chocolate from bean to bar. These chocolate are excellent after dinner dessert. (or even after brekkie. I've done that plenty times. Don't judge this mama.) Bahen & Co's traditional approach to chocolate respects flavour and connects back to the source. 


2. Franjos Kitchen Lactation cookies These powerhouse chocolate chip cookies are nourishing and delicious. Full of natural galactagogues oats, brewers yeast and flaxseeds. They are really yummy. Recommendation of 2-3 cookies per day, is way too little. They are polished off by this mama in no more than 3 days. :)  


3. Bakedown Cakery Jen from Bakedown Cakery bakes really pretty cakes. Although I haven't personally tasted them, I've been following her (secretly) on Instagram and loving (& longing) all her beautiful creations. If you are located in Sydney, surprise your mama girlfriend, wife or your mother the gift of yummy cupcakes, chocolates or cakes. 


4. Frosted by Nicci Melbourne based baker, cake decorator and cookie creator. Instagram is an amazing place for discovering creativity and shops that I'd never be able to find otherwise. Nicci comes up with really pretty frosted cookies. When I first saw her Instagram feed, I fell in love with it. 


Busy mamas, shove this blog post to your husbands (I'm getting the hubby to proof read this entry *wink*) or besties or children. Because mums need to be pampered too! Not only on special occasion (although that is important), but on regular days that may taste somewhat bitter or sour. 

Go high on sugar, mamas!



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