Handmade, simple christmas gift favours by busy mama

December 01, 2015

Handmade, simple christmas gift favours by busy mama

Christmas is closer than I think it is. Stepping into Target a week ago brought me back into reality that Christmas is really coming and that I have to get my shopping done. To add to the to-do list, is the little favours for the little friends in school. Definitely needed something easy and quick for this busy mama. 

My little big guy and I spent an hour on Sunday afternoon making these little Christmas gift favours for his friends. And it's perfect for the little people and busy mums. It triples up not only as a treat, but a card and even a name card for the Christmas table (if it lasts that long before it finds its way to the tummy). 

Simple gift made by busy mama | materials

Materials needed:

- White paper (for trees and trunks)

- Red piece of paper (for names)

- Toothpick

- Craft glue

- Some tape



1. Grab a black marker. Draw triangles (free hand is fine. No measurements needed) on either a white piece of paper OR a green colored paper for the Christmas tree. 

2. If you had used a white piece of paper, get your little one to colour in the triangles. 

3. Draw mini rectangles for the trunk of the trees, and colour in brown.

4. Cut everything out. Stick the trunk to the triangular leaves.

Simple gifts made by busy mama | christmas tree

5. Measure out 4cm x 1cm rectangles. Cut out an inverted triangles at the end of the rectangle and write out the names.

6. Stick the name tags on the trees. Grab some tape and a toothpick, stick it at the back.

Simple gift by busy mama | christmas tree with toothpick

7. Stick the tree into a chocolate. We picked Ferrero Rocher because I love the colour gold. Viola!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy for all the busy mums out there. You will love this. 

simple gift by busy mum | Ferrero Rocher card holder christmas tree card



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