Brave Mama in my family Story #17 - Renee Cook

July 03, 2016

Brave Mama in my family Story #17 - Renee Cook

Renee is very passionate about helping mums who need help with breastfeeding. Renee runs a biz that is all about helping women produce more milk through her baked goods! Since I found her on Instagram, I've often read rave reviews on fellow mummas about her products. Renee is also a fellow mum who is active in supporting other mums.  

Today I am sharing Renee's brave moments in motherhood with you. It's a beautiful and unique birth story in the car! 

Let's welcome brave mum Renee to our Brave Mama in My Family series.   



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1. Tell us about yourself, where you are based and a little about your little one (s).

My name is Renee. I am a 26 year old mum. I live in Noosa, QLD with my partner and 2 boys, Corey 8 and Levi 22 months. I run Renee's Goodies to help breastfeeding mums to improve their milk supply. And am the first person in Australia to make homemade lactation cookies to buy. 



2. What is the most difficult/challenging thing you had to deal with in your mama-hood journey?

The biggest challenge for me as a mother is balance, finding a balance between my family, work, life & myself. It's never easy trying to juggle work and family life. But once I was able to manage my time and feel confident with a schedule that catered to my family and my customers, then the balance just flowed. But my boys are the motivation behind everything I do, from woking hard to maintaining a young and fun spirit. They inspire my growth on this journey everyday!



"Balance - balance between my family, work, life and myself"
- Renee Cook
#Brave Mama in my family



3. What is the bravest thing you had to do as a mama?

The most amazing thing I ever had to do as a mum is give birth to my second son Levi. I gave birth to Levi in the car! I was at the back of the car while my partner and god father were driving. We only made it 10 minutes from home then hit a bump road and then the contractions were coming fast and furious, one after the other.

After 2 pushes I gave birth to my son. In the car! My younger son is born on the same day as his older brother, Corey. It was the most amazing experience! 


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4. Is there another brave mama who inspires you? How has she inspired you?

There are so many amazing mums & women that inspire me but my main one is my mother.



5. What would you say to another mama who may be going through similar circumstances? 

Don't loose yourself in the process of loving your children. Always make some time for you. Happy mum, happy life! 


 "Don't lose yourself in the process of loving your children"
- Renee Cook
#Brave mama in my family



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Being a mum takes 120% from every woman, so sometimes, we can lose ourselves while taking on the role of a mum. Remember to take time for yourself so you can always stay connected with you as an individual. Don't forget to fill your tank so that you can continually give to your little ones and the family. Self care is really important. Take some me-time today. This can be taking a bath ALONE, reading a book ALONE, snacking on chocolate ALONE, relaxing to a cuppa tea ALONE

If you need some inspiration on what to do during your me-time, have a peep here and here! A short 15 minutes of alone time can do wonders. 

Have an awesome week ahead brave mamas. May this week be one full of lots of joy and love. And hopefully you will lock in a short pampering session for yourself. 

x Meng









You can follow Renee at:

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