5 ways to avoid a meltdown situation this Christmas

November 13, 2016

5 ways to avoid a meltdown situation this Christmas



Ready or not, Christmas Season is upon us. Whether it is at the home front, where you are busy planning parties, buying Christmas gifts or baking Christmas goodies; or at the business or work front where you are tying up projects, meeting deadlines before the holiday season and strategizing for the new year ahead. We are all hard pressed for time, and this season could become complicated, and stressful. 

Remember, when we were little, and Christmas was a season that we all looked forward to and it was all a happy, stress-free experience? Here are 5 ways to avoid a potential meltdown situation this Christmas. Whether it be in your home, or at the workplace. These are 5 useful ways to help us enjoy the coming season and focus on what is truly important. 



1. Saying No

It's ok to say no. Whether to that incredible DIY project for Christmas decorations for the house or that employer who has tasked additional projects 2 days before you go on your annual leave. Saying no to something means we get to say yes to another opportunity. We get to make the choice of whether we join in the holiday rat race or enjoy our own holiday tradition and create space for people and things that truly matter to us. 

If you need a bit of help learning to say no gently, here are some useful tips


2. Re-charge & Take Five

Having to meet family and friends round the clock over the Christmas season can be mentally and emotionally draining. Not everyone of us is a party animal. As a business owner, the upcoming Christmas season could mean a crazy season of high workloads and looming deadlines (sometimes customers breathing down your neck virtually or literally).


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Taking some time to re-charge, whether it be spending just half an hour a day in the tub, taking 5-10 minutes to enjoy the cuppa tea (our Take Five Heart Box is what you'd need to set you up for that relaxing 5 - 10 minutes)


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It's often important to remember that we cannot give out of an empty tank. And to fully devote ourselves to being in the present, soaking up the time spent with loved ones, putting in all our energy into running our business, we need to fill our tanks. Sometimes that means to Sloth it out, take five and hustle later. 



3. Prioritize

Priortizing is determining the order for dealing with a series of items or tasks according to their the relative importance. To avoid having a meltdown this season, it is really important to decide what truly matters. What are our non-negotiables. What is most important to the business or meeting that deadline. Most often, we get mixed up with the most urgent versus what's most important. 

Creating a list of non-negotiables. On the home front it could mean the Christmas Shopping list is shorten from 50 to 25. On the work front, it could mean completing the core deadline first, not the most urgent one.

You can use the prioritization matix to help you prioritize your tasks. These are classified into 4 categories. 

  • Quick wins (little effort, high impact)
  • Major Projects (high effort, high impact)
  • Fill ins (low effort, low impact)
  • Thankless tasks (high effort, low impact)

To find out more tools about prioritizing, go here.



4. Outsource & delegate

 After prioritizing your lists, it's now time to review and determine what sort of work can be outsourced and delegated. 

If you are a mum, and this year, you are hosting Christmas dinners for the extended family of 20, consider outsourcing part of your dinner options to your local caterer. It may be just the desserts that you outsource. Or you can delegate part of the responsibility to another family member. You don't have to do it all. And you don't have to do it alone. 

If you do not fancy popping into your local mall and spending 2 hours wrangling your little ones trying to look for an item for that hard-to-buy mother-in-law, the have-everything-under-the-sun sister, you can do most of your Christmas shopping online using from directories like Baby Berry Collectivehandmade gift guides here.  OR consider picking up a gift box from our Christmas Collection


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If you are a business owner or in the corporate world, and you are focusing on your core business to meet your targets. Some of the non-core, but important functions can be outsourced. For instance if social media management is something that's important but may not form the core of your business, considering hiring a virtual assistant. If you are looking to appreciate your clients this year as this is important in your client relationship management, consider engaging the services of a gifting service like Heart in Box. Heart in Box can assist you in curating gifts based on your corporate budget and needs. Thereby alleviating the stress of last minute rush to purchase corporate gifts. 

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5. Let go of perfection

Sometimes we all get caught up with striving to make sure every tiny detail is perfect. The 80/20 Pareto Principle may help. Focus on the super important and non-negotiables (that may be your top 20% of your customers, or top 20% of your to-do list). Instead of trying to do all 100%. Which may not be physically possible at times. 

Going with the mindset of "give it your best", rather than "make it perfect" may also ease the stress in the coming season. When we let go of our "it must be perfect" expectations, we are also more likely to enjoy the process.


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The Christmas season can sometimes send some of us into overdrive and go a bit overboard whether that's with work commitments, food or general insanity. Which of the above suggestions can help you avoid the holi-craze and holi-daze? 

We would love to hear from you. 



Heart in Box is your Christmas Elf in real life.

If you do not fancy popping into your local mall and spending 2 hours wrangling your little ones trying to look for an item for that hard to buy mother-in-law, the have everything under the sun sister, we may have just the solution for you. 

Or if you are a corporate entity, and really year end is the time to focus on meeting those targets, let us help you impress your clients through our thoughtful and creative gifting solutions. 


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