Christmas. A Chat with Keneena Fanning.

December 18, 2016

Christmas. A Chat with Keneena Fanning.

Keneena is one of those mamas behind the IG squares that I was so honoured to get to meet and be friends with. Keneena runs Kablooie Store, and he has the most colourful and whimsical children apparel and now ADULT apparel. She is warm sunshine and rainbow colours all rolled into one. And super super helpful. She is always willing to lend a hand, and share her experiences as a business mama. I'm super grateful to have known her and also super honoured to be able to have a chat with her on Christmas.




1. Tell us a bit about yourself. Your Family. And what keeps you busy every day. 

 I live in sunny Brisbane with my little fambam - hubby and 3 kiddos - who are 8, 6 and 3. In a previous life I used to dress up,  catch the train and work in a high rise in the city! Now post kids, I run my little biz Kablooie Store from home, while I clock up miles driving to and from school, kindy, swimming, piano, cricket, footy....and the list goes on! I love being able to be there with my kids and the flexibility of working from home. At Kablooie I make limited edition statement clothing - quirky, fun and colourful things for big and little people. 


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2. What are your favourite Christmas Traditions?

I love putting up the Christmas tree and decorations with the kids in December! We also love getting into the kitchen and making rocky road and other yummy well as lots of mess! I feel like as the kids are getting older, we are still only just starting to find our Christmas traditions, but as long as it involves family, friends and food I'm good! We don't put a lot of emphasis on Santa but the kids always get a sack of fun little gifts at the end of their bed, and the gifts under the tree are from Mum and Dad.


3. Make us drool over your favourite Christmas food! 

Oooh at Christmas one of my fave meals is breakfast! I always make huge pancakes, with bacon and maple syrup, coffee, and a big platter of mangoes and other yummy summer fruits. Breakfasts is definitely the most important Christmas meal for me!


4. Are you the "I'm done with Christmas Shopping with Christmas Tree all up by mid November" or "Nah. Let's put up the tree on Dec 20th  and hit the stores on Dec 23rd" type?

Hmmmm I'm somewhere in the middle. Usually we go away during late november, so I shop for Christmas present then when I can go away without the kids! But we don't usually start Christmas decorating mid December . I never leave it til the last minute  because I hate driving to the shopping centre in the rabid Christmas crowds! Another reason I love online and market shopping....


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 5. What is the most important thing about Christmas for you?

 Hmmm spending time with family is definitely a huge one.. It's often the only time we all get together in one place, even if it's not on Christmas Day!



 Choose between the following:


Christmas song: Jingle bells or I’ll be home for Christmas?

Hmmm to listen to definitely I'll be home for Christmas!

Christmas food: Christmas Pudding or Mince pies

Christmas pudding - with heaps of custard!

Christmas movie: Home Alone or How the Grinch Stole Christmas.


ooooh Home Alone for sure! We used to quote that movie aaaaaall the time!


You can follow Keneena at:




We are officially 7 days to Christmas!! (*fist bump in the air) 

If you still have gifts not sorted. 

If you hate wrapping or just don't possess the talent in gift wrapping (like me).

If you do not like jostling the crowds at the mall.

If you have a secret love for online shopping,

GO HERE for Christmas gifts to look like this under the tree. :)


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So go quick for delivery by Christmas. You've got time. Click HERE not the panic button yet. :)

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