Christmas. A Chat with Kirsty

December 14, 2016

Christmas. A Chat with Kirsty

We chat with Kirsty from The Mummy Somniac. We first 'met' Kirsty over a blog post she did with Amy from My Tiny Wardrobe Sydney. And since then we've been stalkers and am super excited over her recent happy news. But before you find out about her happy news, find out about what Christmas is to her. And how she usually celebrates it. 





1. Tell us a bit about yourself. Your Family. And what keeps you busy every day. 


My name is Kirsty, and I’m wife to Nathan, and mum to two girls. Abbie is 3.5
and Eliana who’s turning 2 in December. Mostly, I’m stay at home mum and wife, that keeps me fairly busy, the girls are a full time job in themselves. On top of that though, I occasionally blog, I work casually on weekends, and we work with a few businesses as brand reps. So that pretty much keeps me on the go! 


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2. What are your favourite Christmas Traditions?

 We grew up having enormous hot ‘lunches’ for Christmas, which seeing as we lived in Brisbane, seems insane! The temperature outside was stifling, but we would be inside enjoying the hot roasts, and warm puddings. That’s something I still look forward to, I suppose it’s the main Christmas tradition that we’ve kept up with. I think the excitement of Christmas presents eases as you get older, but looking forward to the food (for me) never has.


3. Make us drool over your favourite Christmas food! 

 Well, as mentioned above, we do a hot lunch. Roast meat (often a few different types) with all of the dressings. Plus, dessert. Puddings, trifle, cheesecake, and of course, no dessert is complete without ice cream. It’s probably the one day of the year that I can eat like that with next to no guilt.


4. Are you the "I'm done with Christmas Shopping with Christmas Tree all up by mid November" or "Nah. Let's put up the tree on Dec 20th  and hit the stores on Dec 23rd" type?


I guess I’m a little bit in between. I’m probably a Christmas tree up on Dec 1st (or there abouts), and shopping done by the week before Christmas maybe? Although since having my second daughter, that might be a little different. Her birthday is Dec 17th, and it’s hard to think about Christmas until after we’ve finished up with birthdays! This year will be interesting. 


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 5. What is the most important thing about Christmas for you?


Definitely family. My husband is in the military, which means that for the last 9 years, we’ve been away from some part of our family. So each year, we try as hard as we can to come together. It means that someone always has to travel, which is so hard with little ones, but it’s the whole point of Christmas for us. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas otherwise. Giving gifts, and all of the other Christmas traditions are fun, but if there’s no one around to share them with, it’s pointless.


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 Choose between the following:


Christmas song: Jingle bells or I’ll be home for Christmas?

Jingle Bells!

Christmas food: Christmas Pudding or Mince pies
Christmas Pudding (I've never eaten a Mince pie)

Christmas movie: Home Alone or How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
Umm...Home Alone! (Now I feel really lame)


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Is Christmas shopping all completed? If not, we can still get them to you just in time for Christmas here.  


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