Christmas. A Chat with Marayna Baker

December 11, 2016

Christmas. A Chat with Marayna Baker

We LOVE Kenzie Collective. But we love Marayna more. Her love for all things colourful, bright and funky. Everytime we see a post coming up on our feed, it brightens up our feed IMMEDIATELY! If you haven't checked out her cute earrings (made by her!), you really should. Today, we chat with Marayna about something different from her creative & colourful earrings. Her Christmas and all things yum. (can you tell I'm looking forward to all those Christmas yummy food already?) 




1. Tell us a bit about yourself. Your Family. And what keeps you busy every day. 


Oh geez! Where do I start? How do I sum up 34 years (eeekkkk) in a few sentences? My name is Marayna and I am the proud wife of Drew and mumma to Mackenzie (Miss M). Yep, that’s where ‘Kenzie Collective’ comes from. Everything I do, I do for my little team. My daughter is the inspo behind our label, branding and products. It’s funny, you can look at our accessory collection and get a pretty good understanding of that my day looks like. Bright, fun, vibrant, chaotic…… it’s how we roll!



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2. What are your favourite Christmas Traditions?

Christmas has always been a big deal, in our family. A time for singing carols, wrapping presents, writing Christmas lists, eating copious amounts of sweets, baking, days at the beach, spending time with family & friends. We are quite traditional when it comes to the holiday period however, Miss M’s birthday falls only a couple of days before Christmas (great planning!) so the spanner has now be thrown into the works! It’s a cray cray time of year but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


3. Make us drool over your favourite Christmas food! 

Ok, I can’t cook to save myself so I am NEVER in charge of Christmas lunch. Every year we say, “We will cook less next year” but it never happens! Roast turkey, ham, chicken, pork, crispy crackling, gravy, cranberry sauce, apple sauce, roast vegetables, potato salad, coleslaw, corn on the cobb….you name it, we cook it! Well, other family members cook it. I am banned!!!!


4. Are you the "I'm done with Christmas Shopping with Christmas Tree all up by mid November" or "Nah. Let's put up the tree on Dec 20th  and hit the stores on Dec 23rd" type?

Christmas shopping is always completed by the end of November, ALWAYS! Being organized is definitely one of my personality traits. As for the tree, we traditionally set the tree up on the 1st December. Not a day before, not a day later. I think it’s one of the first events I add to my calendar, each year.


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5. What is the most important thing about Christmas for you?

Spending time with family! We alternate between my family and my husband’s. Sometimes it’s really hard to get everyone together but it always works out, in the end. Now that Miss M celebrates her birthday a tad bit before, she is always surrounded by loved one, just the way we want it!


Choose between the following:


Christmas song: Jingle bells or I’ll be home for Christmas?

Jingle Bells – It’s upbeat and you can always bust a move!

Christmas food: Christmas Pudding or Mince pies

Mince Pies – I am not really a fan of ‘fruit in a cake’ so I’ll go the Minced Pie as it’s smaller. It has to have custard on it, though.

Christmas movie: Home Alone or How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Home Alone – Come on, easy! It’s a classic!


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