Christmas. A chat with Kim Saunders.

December 01, 2016

Christmas. A chat with Kim Saunders.

As Christmas draws near, we want to hear about how mums around us celebrate Christmas. And what Christmas means to them. Today, we welcome one of our favourites, Kim Saunders from Captain + Co. We love her humour. We love the way she write. We may not agree on Christmas Carols. But we love her anyway. 





1. Tell us a bit about yourself. Your Family. And what keeps you busy every day. 


I’m a full time Mama. Part time blogger. Sometimes Maker. And a Terrible Baker. My little ladies keep me busy everyday. Mini + Frey Frey. One big firecracker. And one smaller firecracker. Totes full on. Totes demand all my love and attention. I adore them. And wouldn’t have it any other way.


Heart in Box. A Chat with mums. Christmas.


2. What are your favourite Christmas Traditions?

I darn tootin love everything about Christmas. It is just the best. Have always loved it. And always will. But my all time favourite. Advent Calendars. I adore them. But not the chocolate square window ones. Our tradition is mini stockings. It’s a german thing. My favourite thing growing up. Each stocking had a little gift or activity note in it. And each day we would pick one and peek inside. The best. I have started the tradition with my own little ladies. And hope they grow up to love it as much as I did.

Plus I love getting together with family. Eating loads of food and enjoy many a glass o’ bubbles.


3. Make us drool over your favourite Christmas food! 

We aren’t big on traditional Christmas food here. Growing up in Sydney meant it was always pretty hot. And we love to keep it simple. So we have seafood. And lots of it.  Oysters. Prawns. Lobsters. Crabs. Yum. But when I celebrated a super cold white Christmas in Germany. Besides loving Lubek Marzipan. I fell in love with Mulled Wine. Yup. Served warm. Spicy. Red Wine goodness. The best.


4. Are you the "I'm done with Christmas Shopping with Christmas Tree all up by mid November" or "Nah. Let's put up the tree on Dec 20th  and hit the stores on Dec 23rd" type?

I am a last minute larry with most things. But not Christmas. I think I have been buying bits and pieces since July. Christmas Tree normally goes up mid November. But this year with an extra set of sticky little fingers… it may go up a little later.


Heart in Box. Christmas. A Chat with mums.


5. What is the most important thing about Christmas for you?

Family. It really is the most important thing. I can not wait to spend the morning with my two little loves and my one big love. They are my everything.


Heart in Box. Christmas. A chat with mums.


  • Choose between the following:

  • Christmas song: Jingle bells or I’ll be home for Christmas?
  • Neither. I love
  • Christmas. But I loathe Christmas Carols. Can. Not. Handle.

  • Christmas food: Christmas Pudding or Mince pies
  • Neither. I don’t like either. Oops.

  • Christmas movie: Home Alone or How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
  • Home Alone. Totes. But my favourite are the kids clay-animations on ABC. Old school. Don’t think they have them anymore. Totes loved them.

    If you are not following Kim already, you need to. Because I have a thing for the way she writes. And a thing for all that authenticity that exudes from her little squares. 


    You can find Kim at:



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     If you are the sort who leaves Christmas Shopping till the very end, let us help take the stress of Christmas Shopping for you. :) 

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