Our Story


Oh hello there!

I'm Meng, the Brain/the Hands/the Heart of Heart in Box. I'm glad you stopped by.  

Heart in Box was a crazy idea that came about during one of my endless nursing sessions during the newborn stage of my littlest one (in May this year). As I was wading through the frustrations and lack of sleep in the early postpartum days, I was wondering why all the gifts I've received are for the baby. Do people not give gifts to mums anymore except on Mother's day? (Totally crazy thoughts during those post natal days) And then lo and behold, my girlfriends from back home 'showed up' in the form of little gifts for me (not just the baby but for me!) and that lifted my spirits and made me feel so loved. That sparked the thought of how much mums (whether you are a seasoned one or a new one) need uplifting at every stage of motherhood. Because hey, this motherhood gig can be an uphill task. One thing led to the next and here you are at Heart in Box shop, truly a crazy idea turned reality.    


Heart in Box is about gifting in the everyday, not just special occasions. Our Heart Boxes are curated to uplift and pamper. Heart in Box believes that there is nourishment in encouragement that allows one to flourish. Heart in Box aims to encourage through gifting and words. My hope is that every person who receives a Heart Box from Heart in Box, will feel the heart and love of the person who sends it. Whether you are sending a Heart Box or receiving one, never forget that you are loved.